Hello ladies!

We are so excited you are here and hope to share this once in a lifetime day with you!

Lets explain a bit more about what The Unapologetic series with Leandie Du Randt is all about.

The morning will be spend with 19 ladies, during which we will be sharing a wonderful plated brunch created by the amazing Hello Timber chef with some incredible bubbles.

During brunch we will have a relaxing, powerful, uplifting interaction session around the tabel. Leandie will be sharing her life journey and experiences with us, We want you to feel safe and connected to each other, and to be as open as possible, to achieve the most out of this one-of- a -kind experience. 

After our uplifting brunch  Fafa will proceed to touch -up your make up, getting you ready for the upcoming mini photo-session. Whilst assisting you Faf will also provide personal tips and advise to further help you.

After our hearts are filled with love, motivation and self-confidence every lady will share an unforgettable one -on-one photo-session with Me, Mandy,where we will  unapologetically embrace you for the person you are! 

It is hoped that after this day you will leave with a mind full of new thoughts, perception, opportunities, insight and life desires. That you will realise your own beauty, strengths and be ready to take on the challenges confronting you!

Knowing that after this day we will be seeing a strong woman with self-confidence and a desire to  excel unapologetic.

The Nitty Gritty

To book your seat for The Unapologetic series, please wait for the email confirming your available seat. Once confirmation has been received, the  full payment is required within 48 hours to secure your seat.

Session Details:

R 1 800 per seat for the day

Date| 18 April 2021; Sunday

Venue| Hello Timber

Speaker | Leandie Du Randt

Make up artist | Faf de klerk

Photographer | Mandy Stander

*Please use your full name as reference

*Send proof of payment to mandystander@icloud.com

*If payment is not received in 48 hours, availability will be allocated to the next lady.

Meet the team

Women embracing women

Something that I truly embrace and carry close to my heart is to encourage woman to love themselves unconditionally, to be true to themselves, and to be comfortable in their own skins.

I know as a woman we ALL have insecurities (especially in this day and age where social media and photos are the norm).

I believe every woman is beautiful, is enough and perfect just the way she is created. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms which is something we must always remember.

Therefore I love focusing on woman,  empowering them, helping them to see what I see in them and allowing them to grow and achieve greatness by just being! In a personal photo session you must be unapologetic, authentic and simply embrace your selfness- be fully present in the moment.

To achieve the above, I have design “The unapologetic series ”. and teamed up with Leandie Du Randt a like-minded woman, who belief in empowering one another, have endless love for our Heavenly Father, and who embrace fellow woman on this journey.