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I've been shooting for quite some time and have found what I love shooting the very most. These are the fields I specialise in and very passionate about.


These session is so near and dear to my heart and I LOVE these shoots. With my whole heart I love to embrace woman to love themselves, be true to themselves, to be comfortable in their own skin and to know that they are unstoppable.  I believe you can do a session for yourself! I'm all for it. Yeah for woman empowering. I like to create an experience out of these so it's more than just an hour of you standing in front of my camera. We'll have the time of our life during this session.


My all time favourite thing to shoot. Whether it's photos for your engagement, anniversary, maternity, or just because. I'm all over it. I like to create an experience out of these so it's more than just an hour of you two standing in front of my camera. We'll make it fun so it's like a really really cool date, just with your fave third wheel there with you guys.


If you want to break all tradition and do your own thing for your wedding, I am so here for that! Make it about you two, because at the end of the day, that's what it should really be about, right? Travel to a foreign country to say your vows on a mountaintop, run away to an island to seal the deal, stay in a cabin in the woods and promise yourself to one another, the possibilities are endless. I'm here to help you plan you elopement so it's perfect for you two and documented the way it felt.


Oh darling I truly believe in marriage. It’s more than a beautiful dress, perfectly arranged flowers, and a gorgeous venue. It’s just the beginning of your love story. You will make promises to one another, you will celebrate with your closest family and friends.You will dance the night aways and at the end of the night you will be married and begin your happily ever after. I believe in photographs to tell your story to your children and future grandchildren and that is exactly what we will do!I would love telling your story as it unfolds.

Editorial/ Business

Content creating, creating,fashion, cookbooks, catalogs, and product shoots are something I'm passionate about. I love doing Business/ Editorial sessions with Girl bosses whether you’re starting a new business venture or rebranding, I want to be there through it all. Cheering you on and capturing everything! Our session will be complete with laughter, motivation, vulnerability, photographs, glamour, fun and success.

Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers


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